Behind The Advertisement

In Personal on October 14, 2011 at 8:56 am

"Attack" Batik Cleaner

This is one of my individual task in consumer behavior class. The lecturer asked us to look for any kind of advertisement in any media. Then, we need to analyze what kind of consumer behavior that the company want to target. I choose this advertisement because it’s unique and this is an innovative product. This ads was placed in Kompas someday around last two weeks, I forgot the exact date 🙂

So, here’s the analyzes of consumer behavior behind the ads.

  1. Perception -> Cleaner is for clothes, to keep them clean, nicely smell and bright.
  2. Attitudes toward general batik cleaner ->  Detergent for Batik is highly chemical and stinky.
  3. Motivation -> To keep our Batik preserved in colors and material. No need to go to the laundry.
ps: thanks to Arnita Rosiana for helping me structured the content 🙂

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